BochumCon 2023

Last weekend we met at a small games convention dedicated to CoSim and other board games. After a hiatus of 2 years due to Corona SARS-2, this convention has now restarted with around eighteen players. As most participants have a background in Eurogames or tabletop gaming, most are still in transition to the more complex board games in the wargaming world. All games are chosen in advance to ensure all players can play what they like most and that there will be at least one fellow player. The arc stretches from the more colorful fantasy board game to the most complex CoSim.

1 1/2 days I played the above HASL Hatten in Flames, campaign day I. Björn and I played 5 full turns and it was an excellent if tiring experience. The game could have easily accommodated 4 players. Playing the campaign one-on-one on a full HASL board with about 4 companies of forces each caused us to forgot units and missing on important LOS. We have no regrets playing though and will continue.

Other games were played and here I give some impressions on the activities at the convention.

Matthias, who kindly organized the Games Convention, is playing an introductory game of GTS Race For Bastogne
Engin and Björn play Nevsky, a medieval crusade game in northeastern Europe
Oath had multiple playthroughs with a full cast of 6 players
Pax Viking provided excitement, frustration and fun as the game progressed
Path of Glory was played by two two-player teams
Holland ’44 was one of the games I played
The Next War: Modern Conflict in Europe, a classic game from 1978
Virgin Queen, another all-day event

Several other games were played over the 4 days of this convention, far too many to do them all credit. We were all glad to attending this meeting at the beginning of the year. And of course, next year in January we will be there again, at BochumCon 24.


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