German Strategig Planning 1936

Current Strategic Victory Points    263 – 115 – 173

Strategic Planning

Reichsregierung: Power is concentrated in  the hands of the NSDAP and its leader, the Führer. As the ruling party the NSDAP will need to keep up the spirits and the support of the German people. Dissent will not be tollerated as it would dilute the ability of the German industrial power and military strength. The Führer has taken over the power and is not going to part from it. As of January 1936 some 57% of Germans consent with the ruling party.

Industry: Germany’s industrial strength is based on its efficient technology and a good energy supply based on coal and water craft. Metal, rare earths, and crude oil are comodities insufficiently available to the German industry. In order to expand the German industrial capacity and output for the foreseeable war in Europe, science, technology, and production need to be constantly increased. Trade with the entire world will secure much needed raw materials flowing into Germany. The road infrastructure in the east will need some improvment to sucure the flow of supplies. Several subsequent “Vierjahrespläne” will take care of this.


Heer: The small and highly trained force of the former Reichswehr of the Weimarer Republik will serve as the nucleus to rebuild a strong and mobile main arm of the Wehrmacht. The 39 Divisions will soon be expanded to at least 10 Panzer- and 100 Infantry divisions. Grenzwacht forces will guard the borders with France and Poland.

Luftwaffe: The Luftwaffe requests some 800 tactical bombers, 400 transport planes, and at least 900 fighters. New concepts of airlanding infantry offer  the chance to expand the area of resposibility of the Luftwaffe to ground combat. This will potentially increase the importance of this new arm in the Wehrmacht und add to the power of its master, the WW1 ace pilot Herrmann Göring.


Kriegsmarine: This is the smallest arm of the Wehrmacht. Its main strategic task is to harrass enemy shipping and to support the Heer in any landing operations. This will need few surface ships and mainly a large fleet of submarines.

Auswärtige Amt: German foreign politics will concentrate on recovering territory that was ceceded from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The international law will serve as a propaganda weapon to influence the war tired international public by diplomacy, threats, and shows of good will. Influencing the USA will prove critical in case of war in Europe. Hopefully the US government will understand that the main German strategy is to defend Europe against the estern hordes.