After having received the new THE GREEN HELL OF INOR historical module, I now wanted to try one or two scenarios, prferabely one, that entirely fits on one of the two maps. Thus I chose INOR 1, that is situated in the south-west corner of the southern map, where the game plays in the small village of Inor itself.  

The game plays on 15 May 1940, the Germans are pushing towards outflanking the northern end of the Maginot line. Some reconnaissance forces follow retreating French infantry units and now are in the position to take Inor in a coup de main.

68ID-1 SdKfz222-2 Insigne_régimentaire_du_136e_régiment_d'infanterie_de_forteresse_(1939)

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INOR HASL Battle Pack

The newest product from LE FRANC TIREUR has just arrived on my table: THE GREEN HELL OF INOR. This is a meaty portfolio with 16 scenarios and 3 Campaign Games. Who thinks he has not jet got sufficient French counters will be happy to receive two counter sheets with additional units. Historical Background and the Campaign Game Rule Book are produced in excellent quality.

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