Corner Clipper Blues

I am quite sad and also disappointed. My Corner Clipper gave up his ghost. That was a demise far to early for a tool that high priced. Id did serve its function and with excellent results while it lastet. But now the lever broke, the tool disintegrated and showed its inner workings.

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Soldier Kings Global War 1756

Right now I am getting interested more and more in the 1610 AD to 1785 AD historical period. I like the colorful uniforms and flags. Also I appreciate to read about this period of history and learn about key turning points in European history. So I do some figure painting and also reading of noble’s memoirs and history books on various subjects.


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Commands and Colors: 1808 Rolica 1st French Position

Lately we had a go via VASSAL at the 1st scenario, Rolica 1808 (French 1st position). I took the British side, my brother the opposing French. Here is the documentation on how the battle evolved.


Turn 1 and 2 we see the deployment of forces, some preparatory gun fire, and the first British advance towards Rolica. The French reposition their brigades to cover the town.

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1914: Serbien muss sterbien


This game from GMT covers the first year of the Serbian Campaign, the campaign that startet the Great War in late July 1914 when Austro-Hungarian forces invaded the Kingdom of Serbia. This particular and historically significant conflict has not been covered in a wargame as far as I know. This allows me to learn more about a region and a period that I have been up until now little aware of.

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Crusader Rex


From the Essen games convention 2015 I brougt home the Columbia Games title Crusader Rex. The game uses wooden blocks that screen the force values only to be disclosed when combat or siege occures. Each year has up to five normal and one winter turn. Forces are activated by movements which the players can select from the six cards that he will draw each game year.

We found it quite a fun game when we tried it to understand the games mechanics and actually went on playing the entire 3rd Crusade to a conclusion.

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