With the latest addition to my ASL game arsenal, namely the ARMIES OF OBLIVION, I am keen to use those Axis Minors. As I already own the OZEREKYA BREAKOUT pack published by Lone Canuck, I found it obvious to finally give this HASL a try. This campaign is about the landing of Sovjet Naval Forces in February 1943 west of NOVOROSSIYSK to cut of the German First Panzer Army on the Caucasus. Here we will find Russians fighting mostly Romanians and some Germans.

As I am going to play this solo I will first choose how to approach this endeavour. In the last few games I have been experimenting with a SASL-like approach using small red markers to mark possible positions. When a marked spot indeed turned out to be an enemy position I then drew units from a cup until the scenario oob was used up. This led to interesting games with stiff resistance popping up along the line of attack.

With the SALS card for Axis Minor Forces newly arrived I can now stage OZEREKYA BREAKOUT as a SALS campaign of sorts. At least that is the general plan.

So what are my RoE for this game?
  1. I will play the Sovjet side in each of the 8 Tactical Missions (TM)
  2. Axis forces I will choose randomly from the Axis Replacement Group Table
  3. I shall grant the Axis hotspot-markers #RP x 4 (i.e. 100 for the first TM)
  4. as soon as the first enemy is detected I will randomly determine the Axis RGs
  5. Axis forces are placed according to the Enemy Activation Table until all are fully deployed
  6. game length: after 4 turns I will roll a die during each RPh; if ≤ 2 game ends immediatly

This, I hope will do to start with the game.



Illusions of Glory

Having played Paths of Glory I got addicted to the game play that these Card Driven Strategic War point-to-point Games alow for. Also with the 100 years anniversary this period of our history becomes more prominent in my mind. Illusions of Glory is interesting as it focusses on the eastern front of World War I. I must admitt that I know little about this side of the conflict and thus I am keen to learn more.

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At Grenadier 2018 I came across some ASL scenario packs, dedicated magazines, and the odd HASL pack. One of them is the HASL Scotland the Brave I & II from Chritical Hit. Most products from CH share a bad reputation for being untested, unbalanced, and badly produced. Nevertheless I like HASL a lot and wanted to give Scotland the Brave the benefit of the doubt.

The scenario and campaign game feature the British Operation Epsom that was staged to take the Normandy city of Caen from 26 June to 1 July 1944. The units involved in the campaign game are the British 11th Armoured, and 15th (Scottish) Divisions. The German units involved are the 2nd Panzer Division, the 2nd, 9th, 10th, and 12th SS-Panzer Divisions.


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Grenadier 2018 – the overview

Grenadier 2018 was a great get-together of European ASL gamers. As I understand this was the 20th Grenadier. We all are much indepted to Michael Koch who again organised this excellent event in his efficient and caring manner. I played with fellow gamers from Italy, from France, from the Netherlands, from Scotland, and from Germany off course. Additionally I met gamers from Belgium, Danemark, and Sweden. All together we had a good time at Hergarten.

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