Bleed Gurkha Bleed! [SP127]

A friend of mine, stopped by to play this ASL scenario, as he wants to fimilerize himself with the PTO rules. This scenario is set in Burma in February 1942 during the advance of the IJA 18th Division to the Sittang River. The British 17th Indian Infantry Division is to delay this move to buy the British time to destroy all bridges crossing the river.

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INS 5.12 The Guards II

Half done, half coming with this scenario of It Never Snows. The Germans have so far resisted stubbornly with what few forces they have in the sector, disrupting the Allied schedule for linking the British Guards Armored Division and the US 101st Airborne Division. The German 59th Infantry Division and 107th Panzer Brigade are currently pinning down the airborne troops and not allowing them any progress in securing an undamaged bridge over the Wilhelminakanaal. We pick up the report on Day 3 of Operation Market-Garden, September 19, 1944, to see how events unfold.

101st Airborne inspecting a broken glider in Holland
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INS 5.12 The Guards

I’ve played It Never Snows several times now, solo and face to face. I realize that although the rules are pretty simple, playing the game well and making use of the few special units is not an easy task. What I like best is that the game is not scripted but puts you in charge of the overall commander with multiple choices. Where you send your reinforcements and what mission you give them is entirely up to you.

Sherman tanks of the Irish Guards Group
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Battle of Fismes 1814 (3)

The Battle from 6 PM

Fog raises over the battlefield covered by Frost. The Battle of Fismes has been raging for 6 hours, environmental conditions prevent the Allies from building a pontoon bridge that would allow a secondary crossing of the Vesle River. The line of sight remains reduced to one hex, so that no bombardment is possible. Artillery effectiveness is reduced to 3/4 and all movements are reduced by -1 MA.

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Battle of Fismes 1814 (2)

The Battle from 3 PM

We continue our narration at the moment when a snowstorm begins over the battlefield of Fismes. All bombardment is suspended, cavalry and artillery mobility is reduced by half.

The Imperial Guard secures the right center of the battlefield with the capture of Courville

Blücher intends to cross the Vesle with his main forces and establish a line of defense along the marshy ground along the Ardre. Overall, the combat effectiveness of his Silesian Army is hampered by low cohesion and thus a low threshold for demoralization.

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Battle of Fismes 1814

This game is an excerpt from the OSG title La Patrie en Danger. It is suitable for trying out the game system and – as in my case – for accompanying a wargamer on vacation. You will receive the game plan, the rules of the game, a counter sheet with all the units and most of the info counters you need to play. You will also receive information on where you can download any additional game sheets you may need. That’s all done, you’re good to go.

Napoleon is resolved to attack the Allies while they are engaged ceossing the Vesdre River

On the pictures you will notice yellow cubes. I use them in lieu of the “Damaged Bridge” counters.

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Caucasian Jaunt

Actually, I’ve been playing Napoleonics quite a bit lately. This weekend, however, Sven and I took a trip southeast to the North Caucasus. The game is GMT’s Stalingrad ’42, the scenario from it is S2. CAUCASUS CAMPAIGN. I take the role of Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List, commander of Heeresgruppe A, Sven the role of General of the Army Ivan Tyulenev, commander of the Transcaucasus Military District.

Excerpt of Operation Edelweiß from the map overview of Fall Blau
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TLNB Bautzen DoB 4

After having reported the events that took place in the various sectors of the battlefield I now conclude this report with an overview of the battle. The battle is the largest in Napoleon’s Resurgence and tus it takes some time to play. Since I wanted to reacquaint myself with the rules, I left out the hidden deployment and the optional tactics cards. Obviously, if we included them, the game would unfold differently and last a lot longer.

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