Starting the SAGA

Starting the SAGA (2)bRecently I visited a wargames event nearby, to meet my fellow wargamers and to have a friendly game or two. Besides other and more broadly popular wargames there was a small SAGA tournament. I took the opportunity to watch, discuss the rules, and even got to play a demo game. This helped a lot to make me more familiar with the unique rule system from Gripping Beast and to renew my appetite for the age of the Vikings! 

Starting the SAGA (3)

Scottish SAGA warband

SAGA Scottish cavalry

Scottish cavalry

Three years ago I allready had made my first encounter with the then brand new rules of SAGA. The games system is built around battleboards, each specific to a single faction, where you use battle dice to activate units and special abilities. If you want to know more about the rules, you may want to read this review I found quite helpful. 

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Charlemagne and his Carolingian SAGA warband

I was quite fascinated when I came across SAGA. There is was, the opportunity to paint a manageable number 28mm figures and to actually get to play with them. Gripping Beast offers starter boxes and I chose an Anglo-Danish warband with a chieftain, 8 Huscarls, and 16 Ceorls, 4 points in game terms. 

SAGA Anglo-Danish battleboard and dice

SAGA Anglo-Danish battleboard and dice

To take part in comming tournaments I will need a 6 points Anglo-Danish warband. Thus I bought an additional pack each of Anglo-Danish Huscarls and of Geburs. This will bring my warband to 41 figures. I shall organise them as follows:

  • WARLORD with Dane axe
  • 4 HUSCARLS with Dane axe
  • 8 CEORLS
  • 8 CEORLS
  • 12 GEBURS with slings

The announcement of a private SAGA tournament scheduled for after Christmas serves to boost my motivation to get the warband ready for action. The 25 figures I bought 3 years ago are all cleaned and coated, half of them painted. The 16 new figures will go through the process of cleaning, assembling, coating, and painting due short.

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Gripping Beast Ceorls with Slings

Also I want to add some terrain. I started with an Anglo-Danish dwelling from 4GROUND. I am much pleased how easy the assembly went and how convincing the result looks on the game table. Stage one of the assembly is complete. After a 24 houres period of leaving the white glue to dry I can procede to finish the house.

Ango-Danish dwelling assembly stage 1

Ango-Danish dwelling assembly stage 1

Starting the SAGA (11)

Anglo-Dane in front of his dwelling

I will leave you now as the Anglo-Danish warband is calling me to the work bench. Read more of the Anglo-Danish SAGA in future posts.