1914: Serbien muss sterbien


This game from GMT covers the first year of the Serbian Campaign, the campaign that startet the Great War in late July 1914 when Austro-Hungarian forces invaded the Kingdom of Serbia. This particular and historically significant conflict has not been covered in a wargame as far as I know. This allows me to learn more about a region and a period that I have been up until now little aware of.

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Travel the PTO


Lately Daniel and I are playing the scenario ASL 66 THE BUSCHMASTERS. I get to play the Japanese wich provides my with a completely new ASL experience. The picture above shows a single surrouded Japanese elite squad fending off many times its numbers for several turns. They even ambushed and killed a US 6-6-6 squad that was bold enough to rush into hand-to-hand combat.


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SAGA German compendium just arrived

SAGA Kompendium battelboards

SAGA Kompendium (1)Today the new SAGA Kompendium arrived together with the 2015 calendar promised to come along with the first 200 pre-orders. Also I received the long awaited Gall -Gaedhill swords for hire. These guys will serve as an 2 point option for my Anglo-Danes or as a boost to full 6 points for the Irish.

I like to invite you to a quick first glance at the book, the battle boards, the calendar, and the figures.

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Hibernian SAGA

With my first warband nearly finished there is room for a new project on my work bench. I am looking for a faction that is radically different from the Anglo-Danes and from the Vikings. Also I want a colorful warband with a special flavour. My interest focused on either the Norse Gael, the Irish or the Jomsvikings.

At the Essen games fair my brother and I settled on the Norse Gael and the Irish faction. So instead of one new project we now actually share two. My brother and I both are very keen on the SAGA rules system as you can gather from this. I got to pick the Irish warband.

CIMG3434 CIMG3436  425px-Wenceslas_Hollar_-_Ireland_(State_2)

Here you get the first impression on the figures, the warlord, 8 Fianna, 8 Bonnachts, a dog handler an 7 wolf hounds for a warband of 4 SAGA points.


The warlord


The Fianna


The Bonnachts


The wolf hounds

We obtained the proper dice, the Viking and the Scottish ones. Also, I wanted to give the self made dice a go. I got eight blank black dice and fitted the Norman symbols on them. This works quite well and for a budget 1/3 of the normal price. Neverttheless I think the official dice obviously outshine the self made ones. We probably will get latter as supplemental sets for situations where we need the same dice for opposing forces.

CIMG3437  CIMG3439

I am also very interested to learn more about the historical and cultural background of my new faction. Here you find some first quick information. Also I am quite keen to find out what type of costumes would be appropriate for the Irish. I will have to do some research on this.