Making Your Own Game Counters I

When I looked around for WW 1 CoSims I came around several downloadable wargames titles. As I have access to a high quality laser colour printer this is an interesting option to try some games at low budget. My  first try was In The Trenches: Devil Dogs that I obtained from Wargames Vault.

Maps and counter sheets I printed on 100 gramms paper. First I had a go witth cut out counters only, next I glued them on thin cardboard and cut out the counters. below you see my first result.

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Corner Clipper Blues

I am quite sad and also disappointed. My Corner Clipper gave up his ghost. That was a demise far to early for a tool that high priced. Id did serve its function and with excellent results while it lastet. But now the lever broke, the tool disintegrated and showed its inner workings.

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