SAGA German compendium just arrived

SAGA Kompendium battelboards

SAGA Kompendium (1)Today the new SAGA Kompendium arrived together with the 2015 calendar promised to come along with the first 200 pre-orders. Also I received the long awaited Gall -Gaedhill swords for hire. These guys will serve as an 2 point option for my Anglo-Danes or as a boost to full 6 points for the Irish.

I like to invite you to a quick first glance at the book, the battle boards, the calendar, and the figures.

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First strides on the long street – part 4

The 1862 Peninsula campaign battles

#6 Defence of the stonewall at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill

CSA GeneralCSA NFlag1861 5th Brigade (defender)  1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg 1st Brigade / 3rd Division (attacker)

Cocke’s Confederate brigade serves as the first line of defence against the main advance of the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia towards Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy. Hidden in the fields around Cartwright’s farm the Rebells await the Union forces who have been reported attacking along the Old Cold Harbour road towards Gain’s Mill.

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SAGA Call of the Daimyo

SAGA is designed as a skirmish game and thus played with single based figures. This was one of the main attractions for me to try SAGA in the first place. It gives me the opportunity to paint a managable number of 28mm figures and actually have a chance to complete a warband for play.

640px-Illustrated_Story_of_Night_Attack_on_Yoshitsune's_Residence_At_Horikawa,_16th_Century_2 As I am visiting a friend who has many 15mm figures for DBMM. We wanted to give SAGA a trial and thus chose Japanese SAGA. We found the appropriate battle boards on the excellent blog of the Kurpfalz Feldherren.

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