War of the Austrian Succession Campaign

War of the Austrian Succession 1741 to 1744 Campaign in Central and Western Europe

Field forces for all countries involved are created following the Maurice army composition system. The entire armies are composed using the army points times 15 from the MARIA board game. The units are then parcelled out to the commanders as their starting forces. All ensuing Battles are fought out on tabletop using Maurice. You will find the current force roster by clicking on the flag beside each general’s name.

Austria AutRegObv

420 AP; National Advantages: Cavaliers, Skirmishers

1. Prince Charles Alexander Emanuel of Lorraine
2. Otto Ferdinand Graf von Abensperg und Traun (Great Captain)
3. Ludwig Andreas von Khevenhüller
4. Count Károly József Batthyány of Németújvár
5. Count Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg AutRegObv
6. Leopold Philippe of Arenberg


75 AP; National Advantages: Á la Baïonette

1. Ignaz Graf von Törring-Jettenbach 


390 AP; National Advantages: Á la Baïonette, Depot Battalions, Maison du Roi

1. Graf Hermann Moritz von Sachsen (Great Captain)
2. Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-Isle
3. Victor François de Broglie
4. Jean-Baptiste Francois des Marets, marquis de Maillebois
5. Maurice de Noailles

Pragmatic Army330px-Flag_of_Hanover_(1692).svg

210 AP; National Advantages: Lethal Volleys, Steady Lads

1. King George II of Great Britain
2. William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland
3. John Dalrymple, Earl of Stair


320 + 90 AP; National Advantages: Cadence, Lethal Volleys, Steady Lads

1. König Friedrich II. von Preussen
2. Curt Christoph Graf von Schwerin Preussen (Great Captain)
3. Erbprinz Leopold Maximilian von Anhalt-Dessau
4. Leopold I., Fürst von Anhalt-DessauDer Alte Dessauer” (Great Captain)


75 AP; no national advantages.

1. Friedrich August Graf Rutowski

Battles 1/1741

Glatz in Silesia ∫ AutRegObv Neipperg 84 AP vs. Preussen Schwerin 76 AP ∫ Prussian Marginal Victory

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