SAGA figures and terrain

Bild3SAGA catches on quite well in my circle of wargaming friends. With my 6 points of Anglo-Danes ready for play I have all it needs to participate in friendly games. And with the Irish warband on the workbench I will soon have all it needs to play a few solo games for practice. I might even put together a warband from my old fantasy dwarfs for variety. And one can never know what else will crawl out of the heap of lead that I have acquired over all those wargaming years. There might be some more surprises waiting for the avid prospector.

For 2016 the SAGA 28mm project includes

Acquisitions and accomplishments 2015

Acquisitions and accomplishments 2014

 Acquisitions and accomplishments till 2013

  • SAGA Dark Ages skirmish rules
  • Anglo-Danish original SAGA battle dice
  • SAGA Anglo-Danish 4 point starter warband primed
    • 4 warriors painted
    • 4 huscarles painted

One thought on “SAGA figures and terrain

  1. Duglim Sohn des Thorgrim says:

    Good Luck at the KlingenCon!
    Best wishes from a Saga newbie close to the Aachener Tierpark

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