Warfare in the Age of Enlightment


The Age of Enlightment offers a lot of interesting aspects for wargaming. You can endeavore on campaigns of various scale all over the world, from Europe to the colonies of the Americas and India. Central Europe offers us a multitude of battle fields that we can visit. One of the nearest to my place is the field of the Battle of Lauffeld near Maastricht that was fought on July 2nd 1747.

AOR  kkold  vbiism  M-R-cover-500  Maurice-Cover2

The Rules I first came across where the 1st edition König Krieg and Age of Reason. My first units I based according to König Krieg 20mm width by 25mm depth. Examples below show an Austrian line infantry regiment and a Continental American regiment.

Old Glory 15mm Österr. für König Krieg (1)   Frei Korps 15mm Continantals für British Grenadier

If one wants to find an opponent with an appropriate army in my area, one will have to base the figures accordingly. Unfortunately I do not like the rules mechanics of König Krieg to much. In the last years I came across Might & Reason and Maurice. These rules cater for very tense games that in my view beautifully capture the conditions and limitations of linear warfare. Maurice captures the sentiment of 18th century gentlemen particularly well by introducing the system Epic Points for honorable and/or infamous conduct. Thus I like the latter two rulesets most when wargaming the Age of Enlightment.

Maria (3)

One of the most interesting aspects of the wars in the Age of Enlightment I judge to be the scope for larger and smaller campaigns. I like to play battles with a reason d’etre. The one I started with lately is based on the board game Maria by Histogames.

War of the Austrian Succession Campaign

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