German 1936 Solo Campaign

Russland-Süd, Panzer III, Schützenpanzer, 23.Pz.Div.

My idea for the German conquest of the world focusses on creating Axis puppet states in Western Europe. Occupation would give me more recources but also creates resistance sentiments. By transferring subjungated countries into allies I hope to have my back secured when at last I take on the main enemy, the Sovjet Union.

Current Axis members

flag_of_the_german_empire 900px-flag_of_japan-svg flag_of_manchukuo-svg 450px-flag_of_the_mengjiang-svg flag_of_italy-svg flag_of_ethiopia_1897-1936_1941-1974-svg flag_of_the_netherlands-svg flag_of_france-svg flag_of_denmark-svg flag_of_norway-svg

Current Strategic Victory Points

  1. Singapore under Axis control
  2. Batavia under Axis control
  3. Shanghai under Axis control
  4. Paris under Axis control

Events 1936 / 1937

German diplomacy will focus on the USA and the Netherlands as to influence them towards German interests. I hope to keep both out of the conflict as long as possible. Political activists and spies will undertake to support Faschist movements in these countries as well as in Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. In December 1937 the support for the movement is rising:

  • NSDAP 52% (Germany)
  • NSDAP 10% (Austria)
  • Sudetendeutsche Partei 14% (Czechoslovakia)
  • German Union 7% (Poland)
  • NSB  6% (Netherland)
  • German American Bund 5% (USA)

The German aim for 1936/37  is to strengthen the industrial base, expand war related technology, and to expand the armed forces in preparation for the comming war. The main effort will be with the high tech forces as they need much time to build up.

  • 01 February 1936   Reintroduction of conscription
  • 09 July 1936   Spanish Civil War starts
  • 05 December 1936   Reoccupation of the Rhineland
  • 30 July 1937   Japan joins the Axis
  • 15 September 1937   The Nationalists win in the civil war


Events 1938

Germany will now exert pressure on its neighbours to regain territory with mainly German speaking population. First on the list is Austria, later the Sudetenland and some regions in the east.  The build up of the Wehrmacht is in full swing and will provide the armed fist to attain Germany’s goals.

  • 19 February 1938   Annexation of Austria into the Reich
  • 06 March   Italy joins the Axis
  • 21 May 1938   Aggreement of Munich and Reoccupation of the Sudetenland

NS establishes itself as the ruling power in the Reich. Pro-fascist sentiment is growing in several countries that are important to the German  strategy:

  • NSDAP   63% (Germany) flag_of_the_german_empire
  • Deutsche Vereinigung   22% (Poland) flag_of_poland_1928-1980-svg
  • Sudetendeutsche Partei   12% (Czechoslovakia) flag_of_the_czech_republic-svg
  • German American Bund   20% (USA) u-s-_flag_48_stars-svg


Events 1939

The German strategy calls for an early and lightning war against Poland. The preconditions for an escalation of conflicts with the neighbours are all set. End of March tensions rise to the extreme as Poland, then France and finally Germany mobilise. April sees a 10-day campaign in which the German forces overrun Poland.

hoi3_2 hoi3_6 hoi3_7 hoi3_8

  • 21 March 1939   Czechia annexed by the Germany
  • 22 March 1939   Poland mobilises
  • 24 March 1939   France and Germany mobilise
  • 01 April 1939   Lithuania cedes the Memel region to Germany
  • 12 April 1939   Germany declares war over western Poland
  • 22 April 1939   armestice in Poland, Germany annexes western Poland

Meanwhile the Allies fall upon the Italians in North Italy and Afrika. Italian territories in Ethiopia are are threatened. As an immediate support measure OKW commands Luftflotte II with a total of 8 Kampfgeschwader to attack French forces in Liguria. This meets some success.

  • 01 Oktober 1939   the Wehrmacht invades the Netherlands. The same time Japan invades Indonesia.
  • 28 October 1939   Dutch ask for an armistice and join the Axis as a puppet nation.

hoi3_2 hoi3_3 hoi3_4 hoi3_6

  • 30 Oktober 1939   the Wehrmacht invades Belgium
  • 01 December 1939   USSR invades Finnland
  • 05 December 1939   USSR annexes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Events 1940

The Invasion of Belgium springs a Blitzkrieg into France. In a winter campaign Belgium and northern France are overrun. This brings an end to the french invasion of Italy. With the main antagonist on the continent subdued its timeto decide what to do next. The German armed forces are in need of some reorganisation and replenishment.

  • 02 March 1940   France sues for peace and joins the Axis as a puppet nation
  • 12 March 1940   Luxembourg is annexed into the Reich
  • 08 June 1940   Danemark joins the Axis as a puppet state after a brief campaign
  • 08 July 1940   Norway joins the Axis as a puppet state after a swift all arms campaign

Unexpectedly the British stage an invasion of the Netherlands. Strategig reserves are brought up and in a few days the British are defeated.

hoi3_3 hoi3_2 hoi3_9

This story ends here …