GCACW: McClellan’s Opportunity solo [HCR-3]

The battle of Antitam is considered as quite pivotal for the course of the American Civil War. And so one can find many publications on the battle and on the campaign leading to it. Two publications that are both freely available on the internet I find enlightning are

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GCACW.: Roads to Gettysburg II

With the newly arrived Roads to Gettysburg II the GCACW Series published by MMP evolves into one of my favored game systems. This game cought me because the box actually contains three games as revised reprints and counters for an additional campaign game:

  • Here come the Rebels
  • Road to Gettysburg II: Lee Strikes North
  • Rebels to the White House
  • Long Roads to Gettysburg (counters)

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GCACW: Stonewall Jacksons Way

Stonewall Jacksons Way published in 1992 by The Avalon HIll  Game Company I aquired some 15 year ago from a wargames buddy. The game spent all the years in a dark shelf as I never found the time to occupy myself more closely with it.  I allways admired the maps but never came round to actually read the rules.

Cedar Mountain scenario result with Federal and CSA casualties shown as colored cubes.

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