ASL Forgotten War Korea: 1950 – 1953

So finally here comes Forgotten War Korea: 1950 – 1953, the newest ASL core module. I was somewhat uncertain whether to obtain a copy. But I like playing ASL and I dislike not having the boards to play with.  What to expect from the scenarios and the period specific rules I do not know.

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Sicily II

One of the most immersive wargames series I have come accross is the Operational Combat Series (OCS) by MMP. As a former logistics branch officer I rather like the restraints placed on the armchair general by logistical needs and supply restrictions. I have spent houres understanding the rules and learning how to use them. Beyond the Rhine was the OCS game that I used on VASSAL to practice the rules as I find the campaign game quite challenging. Unfortunaltely I cannot lay out the campaign game so wanted to go for a smaller campaign.

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