One of the more interesting campaigns to me are those towards the Allied war effort in Southern Europe. The Tunesian campaign, the invasion of Sicily, the Italian war front, they all cover the development of the green American outfit into the efficient fighting machine at war’s end. They have all too offer to the wargamer that the Northwestern Europe Theatre does . That is, if you can do without bocage.


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Sicily II – Western Sicily

The first Scenario in the OCS game Sicily II is about General Patton’s drive on Palermo in western Sicily. The victory conditions require the Americans to take three of the four objective locations, i.e. the ports of Palermo, Trapani, and Marsala, and the Italian supply entry hex at Cefalu. It is an introductory scenario to get used to the basic rules. The Italians get little to do, although on hindsight I might have swarted the US occupying the supply entry hex in the north-eastern corner of the playing area.

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Sicily II

One of the most immersive wargames series I have come accross is the Operational Combat Series (OCS) by MMP. As a former logistics branch officer I rather like the restraints placed on the armchair general by logistical needs and supply restrictions. I have spent houres understanding the rules and learning how to use them. Beyond the Rhine was the OCS game that I used on VASSAL to practice the rules as I find the campaign game quite challenging. Unfortunaltely I cannot lay out the campaign game so wanted to go for a smaller campaign.

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