SAGA Painting the Gall-Gaedhil

With the SAGA Grand Melee 2015 coming up the pressure rises to finish the SAGA figures that I have already cleaned and now are patiently waiting to be painted. This gives me the opportunity to explain how I paint my 28mm white metal figures. I am well aware that  most people have their own painting techniques, but I also remember that I was always keen to read about other peoples ways to learn. The figures I am going to paint are the Sons of Death, a group of Norse-Irish mercenaries.

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SAGA Irish update

I have done a lot of painting lately and now have run out of deflashed figures I’d like to paint. For me it normally is either painting or cleaning metal figures. Otherwise all the fine chippings get into the paint and contaminate it. So I put away brushes and paints and went on to clean the flash from my newly acquired 28mm Gripping Beast Irish. Here is the result:

SAGA Irish update (2)

Irish wolf hounds and handler

SAGA Irish update (6)

Irish warriors

SAGA Irish update (4)

Irish heathguard

All together I found it quite easy to remove the flash from the GB figures. The Irish wolf hounds and handler were a treat to clean. No problems at all. The other Irish models all have seperate shields that need to be soundly glued onto the left fist of the figures. Some of the heathguard figures have quite fiddly parts that are somewhat difficult to attach firmly. I am unsure, if this is going to be a travelling army as I would be apprehensive of parts breaking off in transit.

SAGA Irish update (5) SAGA Irish update (14)

All the figures get their bases mounted on a 25mm washer. The warlord off course gets his 40mm washer. The washer lowers the barycenter of the figure and that will make it a firm stand on the tabletop. Also it allows storage and transportation on a magnetic mat.

SAGA Irish update (16) SAGA Irish update (17)

Next step is to model the bases for the warband. I have learned from documentaries on medieval Ireland that todays landscape of Ireland has only developed after the Norman occupation. Still, with the wet weather predominant on the island I will go for grassy bases.

SAGA Irish update (20) SAGA Irish update (19)

First I apply a layer of waterbases instant stopper onto the bases.  I use a small brush for this work. On the bases of the warlord and his champions I add a piece of hemp string cut to a 3mm strand. These will look like bushes when painted.

SAGA Irish update (13)Next step of course is priming. I use a light gray sythetic resin primer. It dries quickly and provides me with a good base coat for my painting. At this stage we can admire the 4 points warband fully cleaned, based, primed, and thus ready for painting.

Hibernian SAGA

With my first warband nearly finished there is room for a new project on my work bench. I am looking for a faction that is radically different from the Anglo-Danes and from the Vikings. Also I want a colorful warband with a special flavour. My interest focused on either the Norse Gael, the Irish or the Jomsvikings.

At the Essen games fair my brother and I settled on the Norse Gael and the Irish faction. So instead of one new project we now actually share two. My brother and I both are very keen on the SAGA rules system as you can gather from this. I got to pick the Irish warband.

CIMG3434 CIMG3436  425px-Wenceslas_Hollar_-_Ireland_(State_2)

Here you get the first impression on the figures, the warlord, 8 Fianna, 8 Bonnachts, a dog handler an 7 wolf hounds for a warband of 4 SAGA points.


The warlord


The Fianna


The Bonnachts


The wolf hounds

We obtained the proper dice, the Viking and the Scottish ones. Also, I wanted to give the self made dice a go. I got eight blank black dice and fitted the Norman symbols on them. This works quite well and for a budget 1/3 of the normal price. Neverttheless I think the official dice obviously outshine the self made ones. We probably will get latter as supplemental sets for situations where we need the same dice for opposing forces.

CIMG3437  CIMG3439

I am also very interested to learn more about the historical and cultural background of my new faction. Here you find some first quick information. Also I am quite keen to find out what type of costumes would be appropriate for the Irish. I will have to do some research on this.