Danes at the Ting of Blades

CIMG6331This year the Anglo-Danes were on the move again rampaging through the fertile land of Berg and ransacking the town of Remscheid. Or that was the plan. Here you will read of the tales of the Danish warband that attended this year’s SAGA Ting. Continue reading



Poland in Flames (or PiF) by Bounding Fire Productions has arrived in my arsenal with a full complement of Polish counters, 8 excellent mapboards, an excellent booklet, and much more. Some may think it unnessecary to have all those counters included, but for the ASL gamer who didn’t have the chance to obtain all those out of print core modules it is most delightful. I shall look foreward to more such products: please do the French next!

dasBlack  wz29_plot  Roundel_of_Poland_(until_1993).svg

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