News from the Workbench


I found it was time to commence on some of my projects 2015. I did a full day of cleaning flash from a load of figures. Those priorised for this year concern SAGA and Longstreet. Here I only exibit those that I have also primed for painting.

Bild3For SAGA I readied the Gall-Gaedhil mercenaries. I can use them for playing now and I will paint them by and by. Continue reading

AoF Battle of Champion Hill I

When my brother and I played Altar of Freedom for the first time we where quite happy with the game mechanics. It was clear that we would prepare for more battles. I downloaded the AoF Grand Tactical Scenarios in the West.  There I looked for one of the smaller scenarios as a starter. I chose “The Battle of Champion Hill”, a game that I deem manageable.

CH_Map Continue reading

ACW Longstreet at the Crossroads


Recently I had Dirk, a friend of mine,  come over for a friendly wargame.  As he is new to the hobby I chose the Longstreet rules. I think they are easy to learn and quick to grasp, if more difficult to master. I set up a crossroad in some part of the American Eastern theater of the Civil War. Both side got 5 units of 10 eager recruits and some guns, and off we went: Continue reading