German 1936 Solo Campaign II

Russland-Süd, Panzer III, Schützenpanzer, 23.Pz.Div.

Germany 1936 – A nation humiliated by the enforced Treaty of Versailles wants to regain its place in the sun. Encircled by hostile nations the German people have connected their fate with the National Socialist party and its Führer. The German public oppinion is exited about the prospect of rearmament in order to reestablish German prestige on the European mainland. The German new strategy of Blitzkrieg will depend mainly on a powerful Heer and Luftwaffe.

Sooner or later England will need to be subdued, either by direct conquest or by destroying its colonial power. Therefore a Kriegsmarine will need to be built that is strong enough to support an invasion of Britain or to challange the British Mediterranian Fleet.

With the territory and the ressources of Western Europe secured to the Reich, Germany will then turn on its main ideological enemy, the Soviet Union. As of the other potentially big player,  the USA will need to be dealt with at some point or other in the future.

Current Axis Members

Current Strategic Victory Points    296 – 366 – 178

  1. Axis controles Shanghai

Strategic Planning

Events leading to War in Europe