German 1936 Solo Campaign II

Russland-Süd, Panzer III, Schützenpanzer, 23.Pz.Div.

My idea for the German conquest of the world focusses on annexing all Western Europe. It will give me command of the costal areas towards Britain. Also I am looking forward to all those recources of the continent.

Current Axis members

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Current Strategic Victory Points

  1. Axis controlls Paris

Events 1936 / 1937

German diplomacy will focus on the USA to influence them towards German interests. I hope to keep America out of the conflict as long as possible. Political activists and spies will undertake to support Faschist movements in these countries as well as in Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. Internal power struggles in 1937 are met with the appointment of Nazi hard-liners a new ministers in the cabinet and result in a more close knit party organisation all together.

The German aim for 1936/37  is to strengthen the industrial base, expand war related technology, and to augment the armed forces in preparation for the comming war. The Wehrmacht will see a major build up for the Luftwaffe, a focus on submare warfare in the Marine, and a build up of mechanised units for the Heer.

Wehrkreiskommandos, the administrative chain of command in the Wehrmacht, have been built to support security and reserve units. These HQ will also provide stations for all those high ranking old school grade 1 generals.

Events 1938

Germany will now exert pressure on its neighbours to regain territory with mainly German speaking population. First on the list is Austria, later the Sudetenland and some regions in the east.  The build up of the Wehrmacht is in full swing and will provide the armed fist to attain Germany’s goals.

In March Austria is annexed into the Reich. Internationally the German insulation is ending as Italy joins the Axis in April 1938. Pressure on Czechoslovakia rises to return German speaking settlements to the Reich. In October the Sudetenland is incorporated into the Reich, in December under international pressure Czechoslovakia dissolves. Bohemia and Moravia are annexed into the Reich, Slovakia  is created as an independant nation.


Events 1939

The year sees an escalation of the arms race in Europe. In September Germany attacks Poland and annexes its western part into the Reich after a 6 day’s campaign. The good results of the joint forces inland campaign is not met by the navy. In three battles in the Skagerak the German fleet looses several precious units. This will have a major impact on any offensive ideas towards Skandinavia.

Events 1940

Supply of metall remains scarce all through the year. Three general collections of house hold metall bring together some 150 units of this precious ressource. The building of new units has put a large strain on th e existing officer pool. This is remedies over the year by investing much in officer training.

In June Germany attacks the Netherlands, Luxemburg ,and Belgium consecutively and overruns France. In September France sues for peace.

Events 1941