Warfighter Tours of Duty


Here I hold track of Campaigns as suggested in the Warfighter rules. Some missions will see a narrative posting on my blog, others will simply influence the mission record of the respective soldier. Contrary to the official Warfighter campaign rules I intend to focus on entire squads.  This makes the squads more resilient, as the unit loses and gains personell. Units will deploy whatever player character is deemed fittest to accomplish the comming mission.

IRAQ War & Iraqi Freedom

  • 327th Infantry Regiment | Missions | | 7 CP

War on Drugs

  • SA Baker DEA | Missions | || 5 CP |  

 International Security Assistance Force Afganistan

North Caucasus Counter-Insurgency Operations

  • 45th Guard Spetznaz Brigade | Missions | | 26 CP

NATO Enhanced Forward Presence

  • Jägerbataillon 292 | Missions | 0 CP