From my solo experience and from the ROAR statistics I take this scenario as difficult for the North Koreans to win. The US fire power just seems so overwhelming. Jeff, my opponent in this game, has his own worries. The Americans are in dire straits off course as the all round LOS due to the light woods might prevent legal passes for routing. Lucky dice are probably wellcome all over.


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Forgotten War is much more intersting than I anticipated. Up until now I go for the scenarios that go easy on Korean War specific rules. The first I am playing via VASL is a short 5 turn scenario featuring the elements of the US 24th Infantry Division attacked by elements of the North Korean 4th Seoul Guards Division. The situation plays on 8 August 1950 when US units were heavily engaged with North Korean forces in this at the time called “police action” far from the states.


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HARD ROK [203]

After unboxing Forgotten War Korea: 1950 – 1953 I off course onted to try one of the new scenarios. This would also serve as an incentive to clip some of the new ROK counters. The specialised rules used in the scenario seem to be easy to grasp. They mainly concern rice paddies, dirt roads, and some specific capabilities of the South Korean Army. So off I go for the first scenario set on 25 June 1950 the very first day of the northern invasion.

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