CSA Artillerie

The ACW Longstreet campaign starts wirth few but large units, 3 infantry, one cavalry, and a battery of artillery. As the unfolds the brigades have more and smaller infantry units and the number of artillery increases. So for the gamer the need arrises to add a few guns to the brigade.


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New Work Place


Yesterday after more than one year of abstaining from painting figures I now reinstalled my work place. I am very happy to have restartet paintig. I find it very satisfying sometimes it is like meditating for me.

One of the tasks I tackle is to finish painting figures that have awaited final touch for a year or longer. First in line are US cavalry and a ACW gun.

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Ascaris Italianos

CIMG6627When Italy started into the modern colonial age in Northern Africa it created several indigenous units to serve under Italian command. The oldest of the Royal Colonial Indigenous Forces was formed in 1891 as the Regio corpo truppe coloniali d’Eritrea. Subsequently colonial corps were also formed in Italian-Somalia, Tripolitania, Cirenaica, and Libya. All were combined arms formations comprising infantry batallions, cavalry, mountain artillery, and engineers.

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Mollwitz 10 April 1741

Prussian forces Mollwitz

Prussian intantry centre and right wing cavalry

I have been intersted in the War of the Austrian Succession for some time. Looking for a manageable battle to play I focussed on the first battle in the career of King Frederick II. of Prussia. With only some 40.000 men involved in total the Battle of Mollwitz is small. As such it lends itself for a small 15mm project. And indeed I have nearly all the Austrian figures I would need. You can find the Mollwitz scenario adapted for Might & Reason in the Honour forum. Continue reading

First strides on the long street – part 4

The 1862 Peninsula campaign battles

#6 Defence of the stonewall at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill

CSA GeneralCSA NFlag1861 5th Brigade (defender)  1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg 1st Brigade / 3rd Division (attacker)

Cocke’s Confederate brigade serves as the first line of defence against the main advance of the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia towards Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy. Hidden in the fields around Cartwright’s farm the Rebells await the Union forces who have been reported attacking along the Old Cold Harbour road towards Gain’s Mill.

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SAGA Call of the Daimyo

SAGA is designed as a skirmish game and thus played with single based figures. This was one of the main attractions for me to try SAGA in the first place. It gives me the opportunity to paint a managable number of 28mm figures and actually have a chance to complete a warband for play.

640px-Illustrated_Story_of_Night_Attack_on_Yoshitsune's_Residence_At_Horikawa,_16th_Century_2 As I am visiting a friend who has many 15mm figures for DBMM. We wanted to give SAGA a trial and thus chose Japanese SAGA. We found the appropriate battle boards on the excellent blog of the Kurpfalz Feldherren.

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First strides on the long street – part 3

The 1861 campaign battles

#3 Crossing the Young’s Branch at the Battle of Bull Run

1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg 3rd Brigade / 5th Division (attacker) CSA NFlag1861 2nd Brigade (defender)

BlankerUnion Colonel Blanker attempts to force a crossing of Young’s Branch at a ford near Stone House. The Confederates, waiting in partially entrenched positions, line the bank behind the river flanking the fords. The Federals attempt an  attack on the centre.

GC#3 River Crossing (2)

Confederate entrenchments.

GC#3 River Crossing (9)

Federal diversion attack.

GC#3 River Crossing (3)

The Rebels take the bait.

GC#3 River Crossing (1)

The main Union attack.

GC#3 River Crossing (5)

The lead regiment forces a crossing.

GC#3 River Crossing (8)

Federals secure the crossing.

Using the cover of the woods the Federals attack the Confederate centre. By pinning the Confederate regiments on the flanks they frustrate any attempty to reinforce the centre. The Union forces push over the ford in force and decimate the defenders, securing the river crossing.

Union_army_col_rank_insigniaUnion Col. Blanker gets high recognition for his leadership (5 EP). Despite of this he is refused promotion and also receives only minimal replacements. There may be some resentment at high command for him, this German professional who just recently immigrated to the States. The brigade now comprises of 2.160 men and 5 guns (36 bases):

2nd Division, 2nd Brigade
8th New York Infantry (seasoned recruits, 7 bases)
29th New York Infantry (seasoned recruits, 7 bases)
39th New York Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases)
27th Pennsilvania Infantry (eager recruits, 7 bases)
US Cavalry Batallion, Companies A & B (eager recruits, 4 bases)
US Artillery Battery, coy A  (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzer)
Brookwood'S New York Battery (2x light rifles)

Confederate Col. Rodes earns only little recognition (2 EP) for his unsuccessful defence of the fords. His brigade gets some replacements including an artillery battery. The new establishment is 2.340 men and 5 guns (39 bases):

2nd Brigade
5th Alabama Infantry (seasoned veterans, 7 bases, hero)
6th Alabama Infantry (seasoned recruits, 8 bases)
6th Louisiana Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases, hero)
8th Louisiana Infantry (seasoned veterans, 7 bases)
11th North Carolina Infantry (eager recruits, 6 bases)
1st coy Washington LA artillery (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzer)
2nd coy Washington LA artillery (2x Napoleons)

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