Again here I present you a game from the ongoing themed MARKET – GARDEN campaign that Uffe and I have been playing for a while. The unit I am playing tonight is A Company 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment / 82nd Airborne. DEVILL’S HILL is set near Nijmegen, Holland, 19 September 1944 on the third day of the Allied operation. The ROAR – the automated record of played ASL games – shows 30 German to 18 American wins. So I reccon this will be a tough one for the paratroopers.


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D-Day Landing Zone

Some years ago I went on holiday to Normandy. Of course I took the opportunity to visit the museums and to move around the various historic sites of the D Day landings. Our location was Chateau Bellenau which gave me daily access to the area where 101st AbnDiv was assigned its combat missions.

101a (2) 101a (7)

I followed a historical trail in and around Saint-Côme-Du-Mont / Carentan that guides visitors to various sites that saw combat during and shortly after D Day.

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One of the scenarios we play in an ongoing themed MARKET – GARDEN campaign is about a feat that was accomplished by E Company 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The taking of the bridge over the Maas river near Grave in September 17 on the first day of the airlanding. As I write this down we have played 4 full turns of the 8½ turns total and the outcome is still uncertain…


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One more D-Day in Normandy ASL game featuring the 101st US Airborne Division. This scenario I have chosen for my first PBEM experience via VASL. My opposite, a very nice guy from Spain, opted for the Americans so I get to defend the village of FOUCARVILLE in Normandy on June 6 1944. My unit holds the promising designation Grenadierbatallion 919, but in reality the squads all are second rate and even conscript. The only real German asset is the 75mm anti-tank gun and a fortified building.


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Abandon Ship! – part 2

The scenario developes quickly to its climax. Both sides are desperate to execute their respective battle plans. Actual units lost so far are a squad, a HS, and a SW (support weapon) for the Americans, one squad for the Germans. This might look like casualties had been relatively light. But we need to remind ourself that a broken MMC (multi man counter) represents a small fighting unit that probably was shocked because of having   comrades killed or wounded.

It speaks for the good morale and leadership on both sides, that the units come back and still are fighting on quite resolutely. So lets continue to follow our cardboard heros under the command of Captain Suchar 534px-US-O3_insignia.svg of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment and Leutnant Baumann Wehrmacht_Heer_Leutnant_insignia_horizontal of the Panzergrenadier-Lehr-Regiment 902.

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The Pouppeville Exit – part 2

We are half-way through the scenario now. I for my part have learned a lot about the game mechanics. I do very much appreciate the complexity of Advanced Squad Leader. Indeed, I find the LOS rules in the bockage hexes the most complex issue. And the inclusion of the concealment rules greatly changes the flow of the game. It calls for much prudence, even caution when moving on the field of battle.

But now lets get startet into the next crucial turns when it must be decided who will prevail in this typical D-Day fighting over small villages and manours. We surely are getting close to the klimax of this engagement. Here you see the situation at the start of turn 5.

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