ACW Grand Campaign Eastern Theater

1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg760px-Flag_of_West_Virginia.svgFlag_of_New_York_(1778-1901).svg100px-Flag_of_Pennsylvania.svg530px-SC-SovFlag.svg800px-Bonnieblue.svgCSA NFlag1861

The campaign begins in 1861 and will accomodate 3 brigades each from the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia and from the Confederate Army of the Potomac. The main characters start as brigade commandes. Besides fighting for their respective (con)federation they strive to gain historical immortality by accumulating Epic Points as they move from battle to battle:


  • 2nd Div., 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Ambrose Burnside (Wealthy) ⇒ 9 EP I/1862
  • 3rd Div., 1st Brigade: Brigadier B. Franklin (Mexican War Veteran) ⇒ 12 EP I/1862
  • 5th Div., 3rd Brigade: Brigadier Louis Blanker (European Service) ⇒ 9 EP I/1862


  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Robert E. Rodes (Engineer) ⇒ 8 EP I/1862
  • 5th Brigade: Major-Gen. Peter St. George Cock (Artillery Officer) ⇒ 10 EP I/1862
  • 6th Brigade: Brigadier Theophilius H. Holmes (Personal Physician) ⇒ 10 EP I/1862

  Each brigade starts with

  • 4 infantry units (eager recruits, 10 bases)
  • 1 cavalry detachment (eager recruits, 4 bases)
  • 1 artillery battery (2x 6-pdr smouthbores, 1x 12-pdr howitzer)

GC#5 Outflanking (1)

Battle of Bull Run / First Manassas July 1861

  1. Engagement at the Manassas Gap Railroad:  CSA NFlag1861
  2. Outflanking the Rebel left flank CSA NFlag1861
  3. Crossing Young’s Ford 1235px-US_flag_34_stars.svg

Peninsula Campaign March to July 1862

  1. Engagement in the fields at the Battle of Williamsburg CSA NFlag1861
  2. Envelopement of the Union Flank at the Seven Days Battle CSA NFlag1861
  3. Defence of the stonewall at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill CSA NFlag1861

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