CSA Artillerie

The ACW Longstreet campaign starts wirth few but large units, 3 infantry, one cavalry, and a battery of artillery. As the unfolds the brigades have more and smaller infantry units and the number of artillery increases. So for the gamer the need arrises to add a few guns to the brigade.

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The models are Freikorps 15 and Minifigs. All guns are Freikorps. The gun limber and crew are old TTG now migrated to Alternative Armies. The last photo shows a real life gun reprica. Eventually I will enlarge my CSA artillery to 9 guns and 3 limbers.

New Work Place


Yesterday after more than one year of abstaining from painting figures I now reinstalled my work place. I am very happy to have restartet paintig. I find it very satisfying sometimes it is like meditating for me.

One of the tasks I tackle is to finish painting figures that have awaited final touch for a year or longer. First in line are US cavalry and a ACW gun.

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Defending Elst

ASLSK lends itself well to solo games as one does not have to consider concealment. There is HIP setup for emplaced guns of course, so this one needs to use with discretion. Before going for a solo game I will try an evaluation of the situation and of the terrain. This will allow me to draft credible operational plans for both opposing sides.

German HQ in Arnhem (source)

German HQ in Arnhem (source)

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Restarting ASL


In the mid 1980’s I first made aquaintance with the Squad Leader system. I liked it and consequently also bought Iron Cross and Crucible of Steel. Unfortunately in those days I couldn’t find anyone else interested playing. Most of my wargaming friends disliked the complexity of the rules. Playing mostly solo I felt quite limited enjoyment. When the 1st Edition Advanced Squad Leader rules where published I fetched a copy, but finally lost interest and ASL sank into oblivion.

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SAGA Painting the Gall-Gaedhil

With the SAGA Grand Melee 2015 coming up the pressure rises to finish the SAGA figures that I have already cleaned and now are patiently waiting to be painted. This gives me the opportunity to explain how I paint my 28mm white metal figures. I am well aware that  most people have their own painting techniques, but I also remember that I was always keen to read about other peoples ways to learn. The figures I am going to paint are the Sons of Death, a group of Norse-Irish mercenaries.

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