Tunisia II – Race for Tunis 2

The scenario continues with both sides building up forces and supplies in Tunisia. American, French and German divisions enter the scene. Combat operations now take place some mere  70  kms from Bizerte and Tunis respectively.

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Tunisia II – Race for Tunis


In the last months I have aquired quite a few new wargames that I am now eager to get out of the box an try them. Some I play via VASSAL which makes for hours of good games. Others I go for solo mainly to understand the rules or to take notes for an solo AAR. Today I have my first game of Tunisia II from the Operational Combat Series starting with the “Race for Tunis” Scenario.

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Sicily II – Western Sicily

The first Scenario in the OCS game Sicily II is about General Patton’s drive on Palermo in western Sicily. The victory conditions require the Americans to take three of the four objective locations, i.e. the ports of Palermo, Trapani, and Marsala, and the Italian supply entry hex at Cefalu. It is an introductory scenario to get used to the basic rules. The Italians get little to do, although on hindsight I might have swarted the US occupying the supply entry hex in the north-eastern corner of the playing area.

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La Souffel 1815

The Library of Napoleonic Battles Volume IV or Napoleon’s Last Gamble is mainly about Hundred Days Campaign of 1815. And indeed I am looking forward to playing the campaign some time in the near future. Also included is the battle of La Souffel that offers a manageable small campaign. I played this solo to get a first impression of the rules.

This battle was fought on the 28 June 1815 between the French V Corps under General Count Jean Rapp and the Austrian III Corps of the Upper Rhine Army under the command of the Crown Prince of Württemberg. This last French victory would off course not alter the final outcome of the war. Napoleon had alredy abdicted on 22 June 1815.

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I have been looking for an all infantry scenario and I chose the following one for a training session with a pal returning to ASL. The scenario is set during the German invasion of Poland. The action takes place on 7 September 1939 near Pabianice. The highly motivated but jet largely inexperienced Grenadiers of the Leibstandarte SS “Adolf Hitler” clear out remaining resistance pockets of the Polish 2nd Infantry Division.


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