A lone wargamer

Now, hello, is there anybody out there? – Hm, well, here I am, a wargamer trying to get in touch with fellow historical wargamers and cosim strategists. Although I like best playing and discussing wargames and military history with follow wargamers, I often find myself solo-wargaming.

CSA Regiment in a Longstreet game with David

My motivation for this blog is twofold (at least). Firstly, I have myself very much benefitted from other wargamers blogs. I find it very motivating to see other peoples well researched und more often than not expertly painted wargaming miniatures. I also regularly read AARs and rules reviews. Comming back to ASL Advanced Squad Leader I am learning greatly from other bloggers tipps and tutorials. That in mind, I think its about time I started to contribute my share to the wargaming world.

Andalus milites  Gefecht MvsP_001

Secondly, I hope to attract other wargaming enthusiasts who might live in my area. So, if you like my blog, and live near Aachen in Germany or happen to travel the region, feel free to knock at my door.Historical wargamers are more than wellcome!

BTH2 in action Sherman M4A3 (4)

I am also am doing this blog as a measure of self-experiment. The idea is to give my solo-wargaming experience more sustained yield by posting my own AARs, painting projects, ideas etc. and thereby practicing my English writing skills. As I discovered I quite like writing, this sems to by quite a practical way of self-actualisation.

So, there we are now, getting into some sort of dialogue, I guess. Here are some of my wargaming fields of interest.

flagsAmerican Civil War

pic771969   Advanced Squad Leader Boardgame

220px-Carl_XII_of_Sweden   Warfare in the Age of Enlightment


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