Battle of Glatz 1/1741

Glatz 1741-1After Action Report

Count Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg moves his 5th Austrian Corps (84 AP/ 10 Morale) into Silesia and encamps his forces at Glatz.  By this move he covers the Silesian fortresses of Breslau, Cosel, Glatz, and Neisse swarting any Prussian attepts to occupy these important fortress towns. Continue reading

Mollwitz 10 April 1741

Prussian forces Mollwitz

Prussian intantry centre and right wing cavalry

I have been intersted in the War of the Austrian Succession for some time. Looking for a manageable battle to play I focussed on the first battle in the career of King Frederick II. of Prussia. With only some 40.000 men involved in total the Battle of Mollwitz is small. As such it lends itself for a small 15mm project. And indeed I have nearly all the Austrian figures I would need. You can find the Mollwitz scenario adapted for Might & Reason in the Honour forum. Continue reading