Libya 1984 Mission #1

A-6 Intruder VFA-34

For the first mission I choose Target no. 12 “Enemy Tanks”, a target situated far inside the Libyan desert near Murzuq. It is a dispersed vehicle target that needs 8 hits to destroy and gives one -1 victory points, if not completely taken out. The range calls for a -3 wight point and +3 stress value for each aircrew. First I spend 5 special option points for tanker priority. This will cancel the wight penalty and allow all the aircraft to carry full armament.

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Hornet Leader Libyan 1984 Air Campaign


With little time to paint small aircraft I have obtained a copy of the DVG solo-game HORNET LEADER Carrier Air Operation. I like campaigns and allways are on the lookout for managable campaigning systems. This game looks promising.

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