ACW 15mm Union and Confederates

Most 15mm ACW figures are in my posession for ages, the oldest have been with me for some 40 years now. Most I have painted and stored away for more than 15 years. For me the real ascent of this period came with the LONGSTREET rules from Sam Mustafa’s HONOR series.

With these I have played several on and off games. Currently my “Grand campaign” where I invite friends to take any side in the next battle is somewhat pending. I hope to paint up some more units to suit the needs of the armies as they evolve on the semi-historical background. Also I would like to be able to stage a doubles game with two brigades a side involved.

For 2016 the ACW 15mm project includes

  • repairing 1 Union infantry command stand
  • completing 6 bases of Union and 2 bases of Confederate cavalry
  • completing 2 bases of Confederate infantry
  • completing 3 Union guns and crew
  • completing 2 Confederate guns

Accomplishments 2015

  • 2 bases of Union and 2 bases of Confederate cavalry finished
  • 2 bases of Union and 3 bases Confederate infantry finished

Accomplishments 2014

  • all figures rebased to the 25mm base width standard
  • several bases infantry finished, Union and Confederate
  • 8 Union and 8 Confederate dismounted cavalry finished
  • 4 Confederate cavalry finished
  • 2 Confederate guns and crew finished
  • 2 Confederate crew finished (guns pending)
  • 3 additional length of fence finished

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