Commands and Colors: 1808 Rolica 1st French Position

Lately we had a go via VASSAL at the 1st scenario, Rolica 1808 (French 1st position). I took the British side, my brother the opposing French. Here is the documentation on how the battle evolved.


Turn 1 and 2 we see the deployment of forces, some preparatory gun fire, and the first British advance towards Rolica. The French reposition their brigades to cover the town.

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From the treasure trove

Just recently I dusted off some CoSims that have accompanied me from my youth. One such treasure is the old 1980 vintage AVALON HILL GAME COMPANY second edition WAR AND PEACE napoleonic historical game. No doubt, the game got its name from Leo Tolstoy’s great novel “Voyna i mir” that spans about the same historical period from 1805 to 1815.

War&Peace (1)

This one game I have played abundandly in my youth, mostly solitaire. You can imagine from the ware and tare of the box what strain this specific game copy has endured. And it surely has moved with my household at least seven times during its lifespan.

War&Peace (5)

I must confess that I have almost forgotten the rules by now. Hm, I might give it a go again. And probably most rules are stored in some corner of my brain. So I will definitely give it a chance for revival soon.

War&Peace (4) War&Peace (3)

The scenario I set up for the pictures is the 1814 scenario “Napoleon at Bay”. This one I have never attempted before. It might be a good primer for the upcoming 200 year anniversary of the 100 Days Campaign. So, you may well expect to read more of this.