ASLSK06 (1)

Last night my brother and I had a rare face to face game of ASLSK. We like to play the starter kit much, because of the reduced rules – in comparison to ASL. ASLSK  remembers me in a very positive way of the old Squad Leader game. The limited number of rules are quite easy to recall during play and one can play a fast-paced game. The pace of a game imho is more important then the inclusion of every possible detail. A fast paced wargame will confront the gamer with a realistic frame for decision making under uncertain circumstances.

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Soldiers of Destruction

I stumbled over this scenario and thought it might give me an easy introduction to the use of armour in ASL. There are only 6 AFV involved and no artillery or other specalities. And also I will use this game to understand how to handle the VASL module. Also I have included the meaning the the abbreviations in brackets as my son reads the blog and can much better understand the text and learn. All gamers new to ASL will probably be happy for the long version of terms crucial to the game.

ussr_guard_emb_n11511   Ostfront, Panzer

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