Port Moresby Air Campaign 1942


This limited air campaign focuses on the the valiant defenders of Port Moresby in southwestern New Guiney during the period of 5th Mai to 31st December 1942. The Japanese campaign for New Guinea is at full swing.

Due to the heavy losses at the Battle of the Corral Sea the carrier group covering the Japanese invasion forces, Operation Mo, the direkt invasion of Port Moresby by a sea had to be abandonned. But the Japanese Imperial Navy has successfully landed invasion troops at Buna and Gona on the southeastern coast of New Guinea. Now they intend to take the city and its important military base by land over the Owen Stanley Range via the Kokoda Track.

Port Moresby 1942  P-39s_being_serviced_at_Port_Moresby_1942

For a more comprehensive read of the role of Port Moresby in the Papua Campaign go to the publication THE ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT: ON BEACHHEAD AND BATTLEFRONT on the official United States Army history site. Also see the official US General Staff’s war history account on the campaign, Victory in Papua.

The Heroes of our campaing narrative are Captain C. Falletta of 36th Persuit Squadron USAAC and Squadron Leader P. Jeffrey of No. 76 Squadron RAAF. The missions played you will find listed in the campaign summary.

The rules I use are the excellent Bag The Hun 2. I very much like their fast pace, and always find them fun to play, solo as well as with a group of people. Squadron Forward! are campaign rules that allow to embed individual missions into a campaign narrative.

Go to the campaign missions list …



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