Altar of Freedom: Rebasing the 6mm CSA Miniatures

After some years of abstinence I have resumed painting som miniatures. I got stimulated by the excellent videos by Little Wars TV. I got especially captivated by their videos on the ACW battles of Antitam and Gettysburg. These the club played out with Altar of Freedom Rules that I once bought and used to play quick battles. I played with bases that I pasted pictures of ACW regiment on. I also bought a pack of 6mm Adler Miniatures, but only few of them ever saw my painting table.

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AoF Battle of Champion Hill I

When my brother and I played Altar of Freedom for the first time we where quite happy with the game mechanics. It was clear that we would prepare for more battles. I downloaded the AoF Grand Tactical Scenarios in the West.  There I looked for one of the smaller scenarios as a starter. I chose “The Battle of Champion Hill”, a game that I deem manageable.

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