The Hunters U-Boat Warfare

I only seldom play maritime wargames. This one though made me curious as there are quite a few play through videos on the internet. The game concept seems to offer a narrative experience with few tactical decisions to take. Anyway, the U-Boat warfare was an important element of German strategy in both world wars. Everybody probabely knows the film DAS BOOT, several U-Boot captains are legends. So why not give it a go?

U-Boot 28 in pre war painting

For my first game I chose U28, a Type VIIA U-Boot, and membetr of the 2nd U-Bootflotille. Its wartime Kommandant was Kapitänleutnant Günther Kuhnke, so he is going to be our hero in this naval campaign.

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The Marine Brigade is somewhat short of its objectives. Over night an additional Naval Infantry Company and one depleted Machine Gun Company move from the landing site to reinforce the attack. The scene is TM-3 set in the morning of February 5 1943.

The Soviets call up 3rd Naval Rifle and 1st Machine Gun Campanies, prepare a 130mm Naval OBA preplanned fire mission, dedicate a 100mm Naval OBA, call in Combat Air Patrol and Close Air Support, increase their Sniper density, and dig some entrechments.

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With fresh Naval Infantry Companies moving up from the landing site the Marine Brigade will now renew its attack towards GLEBOVKA. This brings us to TM-2 set in the afternoon of February 4 1943.

The Mission

Soviet 255th Marine Brigade is to clear the road along the Ozerekya Valley as far as the southern outskirts of GLEBOVKA as a prerequesite to the actual Assault of the town itself..

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Having done all pre-game dispositions I can now start the Tactical Mission 1 proper. TM-1 is the starting scenario set on the late morning of February 4 1943. At dawn the Soviet Naval Forces have landed under enemy fire and have now advanced north and reached the town of ABRAU DYURSO in the south-west part of the map.

The Mission

Soviet 255th Marine Brigade is to advance and to take the wooded area north of ABRAU DYURSO as a prerequesite to further advance towards GLEBOVKA.

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OZEREKYA BREAKOUT – Soviet Dispositions

This is the first of 8 Tactical Missions to be fought over the excellent Ozerekya Breakout map sheet. The map shows the area south of the Black Sea town of GLEBOVKA towards the Soviet naval landing site in the western Caucasus. In game terms this area is 39 hexes deep and 33 hexes across or roughly some 2 square kilometres. The terrain is mostly a valley confined by hilly terrain on the western and eastern edge. Movement and LOS is restricted by ample woods and vineyards.

The time is February 4th 1943, 06:00 hours. The Soviet Naval Landing Forces have landed 1.427 men and 12 light tanks under heavy enemy fire. Now the Soviet 255th Marine Brigade is to move north along the Ozerikya valley and seize GLEBOVKA.

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With the latest addition to my ASL game arsenal, namely the ARMIES OF OBLIVION, I am keen to use those Axis Minors. As I already own the OZEREKYA BREAKOUT pack published by Lone Canuck, I found it obvious to finally give this HASL a try. This campaign is about the landing of Sovjet Naval Forces in February 1943 west of NOVOROSSIYSK to cut of the German First Panzer Army on the Caucasus. Here we will find Russians fighting mostly Romanians and some Germans.

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The Battle for Serbia 1914


After having played a few moves in the introductory scenario I found out that I made an error with the result of unsuccessful post combat effectiveness checks for asset units. This was quite significant and  chose to restart the campaign. Thus here you can read about the course of the main 1914 campaign for Serbia. Each post will comprise between 3 and 4 moves and the corresponding interim turn. I have dedicated a page to this 1914 campaign that you can reach by clicking on this ww1-b-128-bulgarians. The campaign starts with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of north-western Serbia and Montenegro on 12 August 1914 and will end 23 December 1914.

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Again here I present you a game from the ongoing themed MARKET – GARDEN campaign that Uffe and I have been playing for a while. The unit I am playing tonight is A Company 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment / 82nd Airborne. DEVILL’S HILL is set near Nijmegen, Holland, 19 September 1944 on the third day of the Allied operation. The ROAR – the automated record of played ASL games – shows 30 German to 18 American wins. So I reccon this will be a tough one for the paratroopers.


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One of the scenarios we play in an ongoing themed MARKET – GARDEN campaign is about a feat that was accomplished by E Company 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The taking of the bridge over the Maas river near Grave in September 17 on the first day of the airlanding. As I write this down we have played 4 full turns of the 8½ turns total and the outcome is still uncertain…


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