A Wargames Weekend in September

One weekend I was guest of my regular wargames buddy Björn. We tried out some new games and played two venerable ASL scenarios. All said we had a good time finally meeting face-to-face after the long abstinence forced on us by the COVID 19 pandemic. So what did we get our hands on?

Nevsky: Teutons and Rus in Collision 1240-12426
Atlantic Chase ?

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After having received the new THE GREEN HELL OF INOR historical module, I now wanted to try one or two scenarios, prferabely one, that entirely fits on one of the two maps. Thus I chose INOR 1, that is situated in the south-west corner of the southern map, where the game plays in the small village of Inor itself.  

The game plays on 15 May 1940, the Germans are pushing towards outflanking the northern end of the Maginot line. Some reconnaissance forces follow retreating French infantry units and now are in the position to take Inor in a coup de main.

68ID-1 SdKfz222-2 Insigne_régimentaire_du_136e_régiment_d'infanterie_de_forteresse_(1939)

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In March 1943 Army Group South’s operations led to the Third Battle of Kharkov. This scenario takes us to the town of  Graiworon some 40 km northwest of Kharkov during a German attack on 12 March 1943. The forces involved are elements of Soviet 305th Rifle Division and 3rd Tank Corps opposing the advance of armoured elements of the Großdeutschland Division. 


Oliver commanded the Germans and I had the task to come up with an defensive operational plan for my small Soviet force.

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The Advent of Gaming

Today a long-held dream came true for me. A group of seven ASL enthusiasts gathered in a near-by town only one hour’s drive from my home. Our host Oliver invited us to his home where he has established a wargaming room in a rededicated old  barn. Here we played ASL all day, talked shop about other CoSims, and in general had a good time. 

from left to right: Moritz, Sven, Matthias, Thomas, Michael, and Oliver

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