The Pouppeville Exit [F]

My first solo-game with the main intention to recall the ASL rules. Should there be any inconsistencies with the current rules this might be a result from me using my old 1985 issue rules.

Summary: The American paratroopers attack Pouppeville from the northeast in the morning. They clear the northeastern part and take one the large stone buildings in the village centre. the Americans split their forces and try to clear the large stone building in the northwest village. This results in an ongoing struggle to defeat the dogged defenders that hold the top floor. The Americans inflict heavy casualties on the defending Germans, but loose this scenario because they fail to clear the building within the time limit.


Allied CVP:     17   [GE 4-6-7, GE 4-3-6, GE 2-2-8; capt.: GE 4-3-6, MG, FlaK]

German CVP:   2  [2x US 3-3-7]

Read the AAR



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