Fighting Withdrawal [1]

This scenario is quite a challenge for both sides. The Finns have all the firepower, but very little time to accomplish their mission. The Russians are feeble due to their ammunition shoortage and low ELR (effective leadership rating). In this solo-game I made myself familiar with the Blaze and the Ammunition Shortage rules.

Summary: The Finns failed to carry through their plan to cut through the Russian defences on the left wing. They split their forces on both wing and drove the Russians before them instead of envelopping their lines of defence. This enabled the Russians to effectively delay the Finns. The losses where very high on both sides. For this substantial victory the Russian unit commander Stárshiy Leytenánt Sahavitsh RAF_A_F1-2Lt_2010parad is rewarded with a Soviet Medal for Merit in Combat and a field promotion.


Finn CVP:    19   [8.5 squads]

Soviet CVP:   9   [8-0 leader; hero; 3.5 squads]

Read the AAR



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