Game number 2 of an ongoing themed Market-Garden campaign focussing on the actions around Hell’s Highway and the Island south of Arnhem. Also this is my first scenario that features the 82_Airborne_Patch.svg 82nd Airborne.

Summary: The American paratroopers systematically reduce the German defences south of the Maas river. One FlaK tower is taken, one is under attack. The battle is still undecided at the end of turn 5.

  • 82_Airborne_Patch.svg CVP: 7 [GE 8-0 ldr, 4-6-7 sq, 2-4-7 HS, 2-2-8 crew, NAG truck]
  • Balkenkreuz 1944 CVP: 1 [US 7-4-7 Sq]

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