Ambush at De Hoop [DaE1]

This first scenario of the Decision at Elst ASLSK historical module #1 serves to again get more familiar with the vehicle and ordonance rules of ASL. Also I use the Solitaire rules by Mike O’Leary for the first time. Indeed it makes for a much more intense solo gaming experience. For the German tanks it looks like enemy everywhere. It may best be described by the German diction “being presented on a silver plate”.

Summary: The British ambush the Tigers killing one. In the ensuing fight both remaining Tigers are hit several times but the PIAT’s HE rounds fail to penetrate the superb German armour. The encounter ends with all German tanks having lost their main armament due to malfunctions and two British squads broken.


Allied CVP:      7 [1x PzVIE Tiger]

German CVP: 0

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