Abandon Ship! [G44]

I have been playing this solo-game over a course of several days. It was very intense and I would much like to play it again against a life opponent.

Summary: The American paratroopers successfully delay a strong German force of infantry and tanks. The Americans tenaciously defend the western part of the village and also just hold on to the roadblock. Thus they deny the enemy an easy access to the western exit out of the valley and on to Bastogne. Fighting is intense with high casualties. Both adversaries show quite high morale until the German attack is finally shot up in the last turn. Captain Suchar 534px-US-O3_insignia.svg surely earns himself a commendation for his excellent leadership in combat.

Allied CVP:      19 [4.5 GE squads, MMG, Pz-IVj / captured: 2 GE HS]

German CVP: 13 [2.5 US squads / captured: 1 US squad, 1 Bazooka]

Allied VP:           7 [roadblock held, exited of the western edge: US 8-0 leader, US squad]

Read the AAR



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