Soviet Orezekya Breakout Campaign

255th Soviet Navy Marine Brigade

Within the first weeks of the German invasion of Russia the Soviet Navy was largely unable to operate effectively against the Germans. Ship’s crews and coastal artillery personnel were convertet into Naval Infantry formations. For example the Odessa Naval garrison and the Red Fleet stationned there were the first to convert to Marines.

»Ad hoc naval infantry units expanded. In October 1941 a decision was made to form twenty-five additional brigades. Labelled the “Black Deat”, “Black Cloud,” and “Commissars in Pea Jackets,” these forces gained the respected admiration of the Germrns for their tenacity and ferocity.« (Carroll 1977, P. 39)

The Ozerekya Campaign features on of these Marines Brigades. On February 3 1943 the Soviet 18th Army lauched two landings west of the city of Noworossijsk to cut off the  German V. Armeekrops and their Romanian allies on the Taman Peninsula. The landing we are looking at here took place in Ozerekya Bay.

»A group of 1,427 men, with 10 tanks, was able to reach the shore. They quickly captured Yuzhnaya Ozereika and set out for Glebovka, a few miles to the north, but without support, they could not maintain the advance.« (Galbreight 2014, P. 20)

Current Campaign Game Victory Points +10 VP


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