FE II: Prussian Steamroller at Placenoit

On to the third scenario of Waterloo 1815: Fallen Eagles II, where the Prussians make their appearance. Each side receives two formations with numerous maneuver elements. The Prussians must attack resolutely, fully aware of their inferior quality. They risk losing many units in this attack. However, their essential task is to break through the French right flank in time to make an impact in the main battleThe French play a purely defensive role, delaying the Prussians and inflicting as many casualties as possible.

The Battle

The Prussian IV Corps arrives on the French right flank
True to style, Field Marshal Blucher leads a cavalry charge
Von Pirch’s II Corps arrives and marches past IV Corps to envelope the French right flank
Von Bülow’s Prussian IV Corps stages an all out assault on the remaining FR VI Corps d’Armee units.
Six Regiments of Garde Impériale have arrived to defend Placenoit
The Prussian II Corps advances to surround the town of Placenoit and engages in an all-out attack
Units of the Prussian II Corps defeat the French Joung Guard Tirailleurs and Advance into town of Placenoit
The Prussians overwealm the French right flank and break through towards La Belle Alleance


French and Prussian casualties in the battle of Placenoit
Gebhard von Blücher

The French have taken so many casualties that all formations are demoralized. Even if the VI The Corps d’Armée should rally, the force is exhausted and hors-de-combat. With the French right flank in ruins, the Prussians are able to advance into the French center and join the British for the final phase of the Battle of La Belle Aliance.

Despite their overwhelming attack, this is quite a narrow Prussian victory in game-terms. They have conquered a relevant town hex and secured all three exit road hexes. This counts for four of the seven victory locations. The French were close to secure a narrow victory for themselves, if only one of the routing guards units had rallied in time.

As for the lessons learned, I need to observe the rules of demoralization during battle, otherwise the formations will continue fighting forever. Playing solo this scenario was fun and educational. I probabely wouldn’t find it that interesting to play the French in a two-player game though.

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