Battle of Fismes 1814

This game is an excerpt from the OSG title La Patrie en Danger. It is suitable for trying out the game system and – as in my case – for accompanying a wargamer on vacation. You will receive the game plan, the rules of the game, a counter sheet with all the units and most of the info counters you need to play. You will also receive information on where you can download any additional game sheets you may need. That’s all done, you’re good to go.

Napoleon is resolved to attack the Allies while they are engaged ceossing the Vesdre River

On the pictures you will notice yellow cubes. I use them in lieu of the “Damaged Bridge” counters.

The Operational Situation

The Battle of Fismes is a fictional battle taking place on March 4, 1814. The Allies advance into France, but disagree on how vigorously the overthrow of Napoleon should be pursued. When the French have their backs to the wall, the Allies’ political differences become apparent. While the Russians and Austrians pursue cautious plans, Blücher wants to crush the French as decisively and as quickly as possible. Napoleon hopes to take advantage of the devided Allied leadership and crush their forces in detail. When Blücher’s Army of Silesia crosses the Vesle, Napoleon attacks energetically. His goal is to hit his enemies in the confusion of a river crossing and cut them off from their sources of supply. That would be the prerequisite for finally pushing them against the unfordable Vesle and finishing them off.

12 AM: Blüchers Pontoon Train awaits suitable weather to build a pontoon bridge

The Battle

The weather is Frost, i.e. no pontoons can be used and no improved positions can be built. Otherwise all units can move as normal.

1 PM: Blücher marches the Prussian I Korps across the Vesle and along the right bank of the Ardre
1 PM: The French attack pushes back the Allied forces
2 PM: Bordesoulle’s French I Corps de Cavalerie pushes back Vassilchiky’s cossacks at Crugny
2 PM: Heavy but undecisive fighting takes place around St. Gilles and Courville

As for Strength Points lost the French have lost 1 SP with Grouchy’s IV Corps de Cavalerie, the Prussians 3 SP with Kleist’s II Corps.

3 PM the weather changes to Snowstorm. 🌨 These weather conditions block line of sight, preventing any bombardment. In Addition, all cavalry/artillery/train units pay double terrain costs, fords are unusable, and an AR* or DR* on the CRT always results in Shock.

Since the situation has changed completely due to the bad weather, I will end the first section of this report here. Both military leaders will have to adapt to this changed situation and adapt their respective battle plans. While the generals have to remain on the battlefield in the snowstorm, I have the advantage of being able to sleep on the changed situation. 😴


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