Dark Summer solo AAR 3

US forces finally capture CHERBOURG

The Allies had their share of good weather and will now have to pace up the battle for France. Its time for them to capture CHERBOURGH and to go for a breakthrough.

German Garrison of the Cherbourg Fortress walks into captivity

July 7th to July 14th 1944

Turn 5: Showers restrikt the Allied Tac Air and allows German forces some mobility on the battle field. The American 12th Army Group assaults CHERBOURGH and takes this important objective. The Allies will soon have the use of a harbour to bring up much needed supplies.

Germans consolidate their defensive line

The British 21st Army Group presses forward east of the Orne River. This makes CAEN an untenable position for the Germans who pull back to the hights south of the city. German reinforcements are moving up to bolster the threatened area. All along the line the Germans try to consolidate their positions.

The game has to stop midway as my use of the large table has timedout. Several of my wife’s sewing projects are pending, which is why I have to hand over the table for the time being. Its a pity but then I can always restart and try again.


Dark Summer is an easy to learn game with some crome to make things interesting. The idea of off-board regions that need to be considered in the operational planning adds more interest to the game. I think the game is not easy to master. I am looking forwards to face-to-face play, and I am glad I have an appointment with a Wargames friend for a friendly match. We shall see, if we can complete the full 10 turns in a single day.

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