Next War Korea Strategic Surprise GT3

For GT3 the DPRK ground forces are to break through all along the DMZ and to finally initiate the encirclement of Seoul. The main effort will be in the KPA II and V Corps area. DPRK will introduce KPA 108th and 425th Mechanized Corps of the second strategic echelon with the mission to gain the line Pyeongtaek to Wonju.

Turn 3

Again the weather is Overcast. The air battle is swinging decidedly towards allied supremacy. Several SCUD missile, cruise missile, air raids and HQ strikes take place. Air bases and other installations on both sides are damaged, but none destroyed. An US B1-B bomber squadron is destroyed in a raid over Pyonyang: +5 VP non-allied .

the defensive parameter around Seoul holds. Here the KPA makes no progress whatsoever mainly due to the lead forces being depleted and several units getting disrupted by HQ strikes.  The fighting in this urban area might take weeks with heavy civilian casualties expected.

On the eastern coast the remnants of ROK 1st Army are in an antenable position but cannot break away from the enemy. They are soon going to be cut off by KPA 425th Mechanized Corps. The only option seems to be to hold out as long as possible.

Elements of the KPA second strategic echelon have gained the line Seoul to Wonju and actually cleared and taken the latter city. There are no major allied forces south of this line. Allied ground force reinforcements are slow in arriving in the theatre. Maybe extensive air strikes might turn the tide.

Victory Determination Phase GT3

The DPRK has accumulated +28 VP for a total of 92 VP

  • +2 VP Cities: Wonju
  • +0 VP Air Bases:
  • +16 VP ROK1 Heli, 1 HQ, 2 Brig, 3 Div
  • +10 VP US: 1 Air, 1 HQ, 2 Bn

The ROK has accumulated +5 VP for a total 41 VP

  • +0 VP Air Base: Chang-yon
  • +5 VP DPRK: 5 Brig

With an excess of +23VP DPRK earns another initiative turn for GT4.

North Korea Victorious!

I will conclude the game at this point. I find this scenario very intense and educational too. But as I do not want to play the siege of Seoul to completition I will grant the DPRK a substatial  victory at +51 VPs.


Headquarter strikes can be quite powerfull deminishing an adversaries combat strength decicively. The major reason why the KPA forces could not successfully attack Seoul is because of the density of allied HQ units in Seoul and their secessfully disrupting enemy front line units.

In the strategic surprise scenario the optimum use of allied air power is key to have a somewhat balanced game.

Conducting the air battle

With the standard rules the air battle is highly abstracted. Here it clearly has a secondary role to the main land battle game. With the  Advanced Rules I find it far more quite challenging to conduct the air battle effectively. To me it constitutes an entirely seperate game that deserves a seperate focus. In GT3 I misjudged the force approach to the allied air forces. I could have reserved a significant number of units for CAS.


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