Next War Korea Strategic Surprise GT2

For GT2 the scenario states an DPRK Initiative Turn. This is important as an initiative turn provides three movement and combat opportunities to the attacker. Right now the northern offensive has broken into the ROK line of fortifications in all secors of the front. This turn the KPA needs to break through the DMZ. The DPRK Supreme Command decides to reinforce success and shift the main point of effort to the central sector. The object in this sector is to break through the DMZ and take the city of Uijeongbo.

Turn 2

The weather is Overcast, with negative effects on detection and air operations. GT2 is a DPRK Initiative Turn. Several HQs are detected by electronic detection or by SOF missions. One such mission acheives to detect the DPRK Supreme HQ in Pyongyang. US cruise missiles attack and heavily damage this HQ’s installations rendering it ineffective for the turn.

With the involvement of the all ROK and the US allied air assets the air superiority for the DPRK proves to be short lived. Most allied air units are modern to ultra-modern whereas the KPAAF operates many outclassed units dating from the late 1950 and 1960 era. Nontheless by sheer numbers the KPAAF saturates the allied air defences and that allows them to perform several strike missions. Two air bases are destroyed, Suwon and Jeomchon: +4 VP non-allied .

The KPA have advanced within 12 kilometers of Seoul. From the western coast to Yang-gu they have broken through the DMZ. Seoul and the surrounding cities form sort of a fortress. To the east of Seoul there is but a thin line of ROKA divisions to prevent a break through to the south.

In the eastern sector the heavily depleted ROK 1st Army has stalled the KPA advance along the coastal road. They will need to pull back next turn or get cut off  from their line of supply by the advance of KPA I Corps.

US III MEF has arrived at Incheon port to take part in the defence of Seoul. The USMC are high quality but can so few units really tipp the balance in favor of the allies? We will find out.

In the Reorganization Phase of GT2  DPRK has a lead of +16VP over the ROK and own forces in the city of Uijeongbo under a Clearing Marker. Finally the KPA 815th Mechanized Corps successfully takes full control of the city securing +2VP. The difference in Victory Points is +19VP and thus matches the initiative threshold of +18VP/GT. The DPRK will get another Initiative Game Turn for GT3

Victory Determination Phase GT2

The DPRK has accumulated +33 VP for a total of 64 VP

  • +2 VP Cities: Uijeongbo
  • +4 VP Air Bases: Jeomchon, Suwon
  • +27 VP ROK: 1 Air, 7 Div, 1 Brig, 1 HQ

The ROK has accumulated + 14 VP for a total 36 VP

  • +2 VP Air Base: Chang-yon
  • +12 VP DPRK: 10 Air, 7 Brig


It is quite easy to overlook towns with their +1 defensive DRM. This has deprived the ROK first line of defense of some favorable DRMs but would not have altered the overall outcome. So this is a minor omission with little impact.

The southern Map

A more crowded sector of the southern map south of Seoul

Its nice to have this map, to bend over it and study the geography. I see the occasional military traffic, the missile and air strike missions taking place. Otherwise there is little promise of any action on the southern map. I am thinking of migrating all information to the vassal module, so I can limit the footprint of the game in my room.


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