Truck EVAC

The Truck EVAC Mission is quite unique among DVG’s Warfighter mission cards. The main point is to survive the first encounter on the Objective card and then to reserve enough Action Points to safely drive the truck home to the mission card.

SITREP: Chechnya, North Caucasus, April 2010 – Our team has experienced a break down with its military police truck during a supply run to an outpost in the mountain region. After investing some precious time it was able to restore the truck’s roadworthiness. Meanwhile a local hostile tribe has got word of this mishap and approach hoping to recover vital information and equipment to trade with other terrorists in the region. The spetznaz team simple mission is to make it back to base.

The Team

The Rural Mission calls for 49 Ressource Points.  This mission comprises of  the driver and three heroes from the Spetznaz team.

  1. Starshina Ivankov |  
  2. Serzhánt Larionov | | 2XP
  3. Leytenánt Shevliacov | | Explosives, Leadership, Pitcher, 2XP

The Truck EVAC Mission

Initial Hostiles

Turns 1-3: Just as the spetznaz team is readdy to move its truck a large group of terrorists attacks [IED Team, Sniper , Stalker, 3x Gunmen , Armed Mob, Militants].  In a prolonged firefight the most deadly enemies are neutralised. Nontheless some terrorists remain and follow the team as it attempts to retire to the safety of the Russian base.

Mission Start

Turns 4-7: The spetznaz team encounters a large trek of Refugees [no Auto or Explosion Attacks]. With time pressing and no alternative rout available Leytenánt Shevliacov decides to press on. The refugee trek is strung out along the rout, so the restriction sticks with the team. Several hostiles are still following the team including a Leader who turns up trying to call up hostile units. Luckily a  well placed shot from Starshina Ivankov neutralises the hostile leader.  The team barely manages to suppress the hostiles while moving towards the Russian base. 

Turns 8 – 9: Suddenly a RGP Team appears and opens fire on the truck but misses.  The team counters this new threat with accurate semi automatic fire. I cannot kill the hostiles but suppresses them long enough to make good their escape. Finally they reach the safety of the Russian military base.

Mission Debriefing

All hostiles are driven away with some probable EKIA and no own casualties. Excellent work! Another successful mission for the 45th Guards Spetznaz Brigade.

Game Play

I did several runs on the EVAC Truck Mission before I started the game mission above. I got the impression that this objective type is to easy to accomplish with large units / long missions. You can easily kill the innitial hostiles and then drive on quite unmolested. At least in my first try with 123 RPs the team had no problem doing so. After a prolonged shootout the team then drove off to return to its base quite unopposed. The smaller the team is the more challenging the mission will get due to the 0-3 Hostiles Reinforcement per turn.

123 RP Test Game

With the mission parameters used  [11 Turn Mission at 8 Distance] for the narrated mission it was a challenge. Only some lucky dice rolls prevented heavy casualties with the Russian soldiers. Several Suppressions and a Wound were incurred but shaken off. Most Event Cards are resolved and forgotten when the team leaves the Location. Not so with the EVAC Truck Qbjective. Here the card sticks and stays active until the 3XP are payed. I decided there were better uses for experience points during the mission. Thus the team had to get along with the restrictions.  

I was glad to assign a NPS with 3 Action Points to this mission as moving the truck costs 1 AP each team member per turn. Also I become more and more convinced thet it’s a must to take at least 2 (Player) Soldiers on missions. Their Action Cards are the true life line that supports and furthers the team.

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