Making Your Own Game Counters I

When I looked around for WW 1 CoSims I came around several downloadable wargames titles. As I have access to a high quality laser colour printer this is an interesting option to try some games at low budget. My  first try was In The Trenches: Devil Dogs that I obtained from Wargames Vault.

Maps and counter sheets I printed on 100 gramms paper. First I had a go witth cut out counters only, next I glued them on thin cardboard and cut out the counters. below you see my first result.

The tools I used were a paper cutter, cardboard from the back of a writing pad, glue, and a pair of scissors. The results are okay to play with, but the did not satisfy my sence for neatness.



My next evolution was to cut out the counters before gluing the couters to the cardboard. This is a more fiddly and sticky process, but also achieves far better results.

With counters prepared I glued the paper counters on the cardboard squares and cut off the protruding edges. Once the first side is set I completed the counters by repeating this procedure for the reverse side.  Take care to make sure the two sides match.

This is how the final result looks like on the game board. I think this is okay for the occasional fast playing game like In The Trenches that take but 30 minutes to play. For more sophisticated games I am looking for yet another sollution.

Making Your Own Game Counters II




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